A revolution is coming.

The startup stock exchange is coming soon. Don’t miss it.

Our Mission

Our goal is to make startup investment simple, transparent and more accessible to everyone while providing liquidity through a secondary market.

The Forge is about revolutionizing the way startup raise funds, about allowing anyone to participate in the venture capital market and, in the end, about helping startups developing their impact on our society.

A simple and fast startup investment platform

The Forge consists in a powerful platform for startup investment powered by crypto.

Investing with The Forge can be done in 3 simple steps :

1) creating an account on the platform,
2) filling your crypto wallet with Forge Tokens (the stable cryptocurrency used for transactions on the platform), and
3) exchanging your Forge Tokens with Company Tokens, that represent shares of the startups listed on the platform.

Only Projects carefully selected for their potential

Startups listed on the platform are early-stage companies carefully selected by our analysts for their growth potential.

We put in place a standardized selection process with experts in startup development. This acts as a due diligence.

Each startups gets a profile on the platform. Through it, all the relevant information is made available to investors to ensure that they choose the projects that fit best their preferences.

A Liquid and transparent secondary market With crypto

The Forge brings to the world the possibility to exchange shares of the startups listed on the platform.

This is made possible with the use of a technique called “tokenization”. Shares are represented by crypto tokens and have exactly the same value as the shares you see on usual stock exchange markets.

These crypto tokens can be bought and sold on a secondary market just like on a normal stock exchange.

contact : contact@frenchsquare.co.uk